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Slowly has been sold
We are happy that Slowly has been sold to a wonderful couple from Canada. She will be in excellent hands, and has many more years of cruising and improvements to look forward to!

Latest Content:

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Chesapeake 8/5/06
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High Seas 7/22/06
Deja Vu Cruise 7/21/06
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Moving Pictures

A tribute to our days headed south in the fall of 2003, we have a new page of short videos we took during our trip. We were in a constant state of pleasant observation and we enjoy how these reflect that.

Arggg... Aye love me Slowly apron.

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Just out on the water, Ithaca, NY

Welcome to the Slow Times. This website is the log of our life and times aboard an old wooden Grand Banks named Slowly. We have sold Slowly, as we can't afford so much boat, particularly when we are no longer able to live-aboard. We are sad to leave Slowly and our life aboard her, but excited that the new owners will be able to treat her as well as she deserves. We certainly did our best to keep her in good shape, but a boat like this wants to shine and show all sides with pride. We are deeply thankful for the opportunities that living-aboard and cruising provided, and highly recommend it to anyone with a yearning to experience something fresh, challenging, and above all, magical. Hannah is now in school for landscape architecture, and Tim is writing software and learning about dinghy cruising. Our new boat is a little red canoe, and it will be fun to go exploring in a boat we can carry and paddle with no fear of running aground. Thanks to everyone who sent us kind e-mails, and offered us their attention as we logged our journey. Here's to little risks, big adventure, and good living!
- Hannah and Tim.

Introduction to the site
Originally, this was an extensive trip log, a daily newspaper recording our journey south from Boston, MA to Savannah, GA in the fall of 2003. Each day is a page. You can navigate to specific dates and locations using the table of contents on the right. You can also move between pages clicking on the "yesterday" and "tomorrow" buttons at the top of the page. You can click the Lat and Long, at the top left of the page, to see a chart of our progress. The text is riddled with extra photos and links which you can see by clicking the blue words. To go to the first day of our 2003 trip click here and start reading. Welcome aboard Slowly!
Best Of

our favorite days:
-East River, NY
-Dismal Swamp Canal
-Cruise Beaufort, NC
best rated towns:
-Annapolis, MD
-Portsmouth, VA
-Charleston, SC
most difficult days:
-Buzzards Bay...
-Fog, Injectors, NJ
-Anchored in a blow

Complete Contents

1. Peddock's Isl, MA
2. Plymouth, MA
3. Padanaram, MA
4. Cuttyhunk, MA
5. Cuttyhunk, MA
6. Old Saybrook, CT
7. Old Saybrook, CT
8. Stamford, CT
9. New York, NY
10. New York, NY
11. New York, NY
12. New York, NY
13. Brielle, NJ
14. Brielle, NJ
15. Atlantic City, NJ
16. Cape May, NJ
17. Cohansey River, NJ
18. Chesapeake City, MD
19. Annapolis, MD
20. Annapolis, MD
21. Solomon's Isl, MD
22. Solomon's Isl, MD
23. Solomon's Isl, MD
24. Deltaville, VA
25. Portsmouth, VA
26. Elizabeth City, NC
27. Elizabeth City, NC
28. Elizabeth City, NC
29. Alligator River, NC
30. Belhaven, NC
31. Oriental, NC
32. Beaufort, NC
33. Beaufort, NC
34. Beaufort, NC
35. Sloop Pt., NC
36. Wrightsville, NC
37. Bald Head Isl, NC
38. Little River, SC
39. Georgetown, SC
40. Charleston, SC
41. Charleston, SC
42. Charleston, SC
43. Charleston, SC
44. Tom Point Creek, SC
45. Beaufort, SC
46. Herb Creek, GA
47. Savannah, GA
48. Savannah, GA
49. Charleston, SC
50. Charleston, SC
51. Charleston, SC
52. Charleston, SC
    North Bound
53. Minim Creek, SC
54. Myrtle Beach, SC
55. Southport, NC
56. Sloop Point Creek, NC
57. Beaufort, NC
58. Oriental, NC
    North Bound 2006
59. Oriental, NC
60. Belhaven, NC
61. Elizabeth City, NC
62. Portsmouth, VA
63. Portsmouth, VA
63. Horn Harbor
63. Tangier Island
63. Solomon's Isl, MD
63. Annapolis, MD
63. Chesapeake City, MD
63. Cape May, NJ
63. Atlantic City, NJ
63. Jersey City, NJ