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New York Eats Wallet Contents

Captain's Log

arggg me maties, if ye get me some Wensleydale from Zabar's I'll take ye ta buried treasure.

The Cappy says: "Click here to see a chart of our progress."

Shop Slowly

The debut of the first item in our line of Slowly merchandise! This one-of-a-kind trucker hat will surely turn heads when you pull into truck stops on your own slow journeys. More exciting items are on the way. Keep tabs at click here.

Zabar's is the Best.

First things first, we drove over to the tall pier of the basin to pump out the holding tank and get fresh water. The approach was different than what we are used to. We had to come up close to a high wood wall and lasso a large cleat above our heads. Tim was at the wheel and Hannah, in a moment of thinking about Slowly before herself, selfless as she is, squished her elbow in between the wall and the boat trying to help ease her in and throw the line up. It was a painful moment, though it ended up being ok. The pump-out was successful, though also a somewhat painful experience. PU!

79th St. to 33rd St. is a long walk. Especially when distracted by marathon runners and hungry stomachs. We saw a five propeller art show curated by Sarah Hirzel at Fordham University, and a lot of digital cameras at B&H photography store (where, among the many other astounding organizational tactics they use, there are green buckets on conveyer belts speeding along above your head).

On our trip back up the Island we stopped in at Zabar's, the gourmet superstore, and H&H bagels. It is all too easy to find great food here. We came back to the boat with our hands full and had another lovely evening on the boat with more good company: Hannah's Aunt, Uncle and cousin (the Bystryns) and Tim's college friend Vanessa. Click here to see the photos of our arrival into New York City.

Grub Report
There were some more clams left over from the bag that Robert the clam man gave us, so we steamed those up and had leftover beef stew, beans, Zabar's mixed olives, candy corn and Pepperidge Farm's New French Vanilla Milano cookies. Quite a mix of flavors.
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