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today's sunset
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Squeezing One More Day Out of a Wonderful Stay

Captain's Log

arggg me maties, New York might make land lubbers out of these two young swabs yet!

The Cappy says: "Click here to see a chart of our progress."

Shop Slowly

The debut of the first item in our line of Slowly merchandise! This one-of-a-kind trucker hat will surely turn heads when you pull into truck stops on your own slow journeys. More exciting items are on the way. Keep tabs at click here.

Trash Day in the city.

After a morning of researching where our next stop should be, a couple of salty old friends of Tim's came by. They agreed that the boat looked in much better shape than when Tim first bought it. After some more rowing to and fro we then replaced the hatch in the v-berth ceiling. It went from opaque to crystal clear and now we have quite a nice skylight.

Errands needed to be done. We walked by the water at sunset up to the Exxon gas station to fill up the 5 gallon jug we use for the generator. A quick cab ride back to the boat basin and we were off again, this time to Zabar's. Our promise to eachother not to spend any more money fell through when we saw the knishes and hot dogs at the cafe.

Though Barnes and Nobles did not supply the internet access we needed to do the website, Mickey D's did (McDonald's that is). We signed up and smiled at the high speed internet while trying to ignore the heavy duty air conditioning and large groups of greasy food lovin' highschoolers. We then had more good times with Sarah and Jake on the boat and more takeout!! (Not McDonald's) Click here to see the photos of our arrival into New York City.

Grub Report
From Ollies, on the upper west side, we had: mango chicken, veggie dumplings, pork dumplings, red bean sticky buns, brown and white rice, and a broccoli dish. complimented by Tsingtao beer. Chinese take out in New York! Who'd have thunk?
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