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Cape May(be)

Captain's Log

815 - We easily leave Atlantic City in our wake.
1000 - Passed Ocean City, another sad amusement park looking place.
1200 - Passing Wildwood, even more roller coasters.
1300 - Entering Cape May Harbor, A busier inlet than we are used to.
1500 - We have finally decided to go to a marina instead of anchor. We arrive at the Utsch's marina.

arggg me maties, aye couldn't even anchor me rubber duckie in these shallow waters.

The Cappy says: "Click the location up in the top left corner to see a chart of our progress."

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The first we saw of many renovated inns in Cape May.

It's Not Easy Being Slow

The Devil's In the Details

Homer Simpson - guest Editor

Now, when we say "It's not easy being slow" we are not talking about speed. We are talking about two very important qualities we both have: decision making slowness and financial slowness. In persistent attempts to save money we came upon a familiar dilemma: you can't have your cake and eat it too.

We came into Cape May thinking it would be a piece of cake to anchor (or so the Waterway guide said). Possible anchorages were on either side of the Coast Guard station. "How about here?" "Well, here it's too shallow." [Doh! -Ed.] "Well, how about here?" "We're going to bump into that boat!" [Doh! -Ed.] "Ok, fine, how about here?" "There's no place for the dinghy to dock and we'll be stuck on the boat!" [Doh! -Ed.]...this went on for two and a half hours until we intelligently decided we best go to a marina.

Utsch's Marina was there for us. Taking up two pages in our guide the marina claimed to have some of the best newest facilities ever! So, yes, we did have to pay to stay the night. But it wasn't so bad. It was relatively close to the town center and it had a laundromat. We slid in, with some more great maneuvering by Tim, and got ready to go out on the town.

Cape May is a funny little town trapped in between the Jersey Shore and the Delaware Bay. In the summer it apparently gets a huge turnout for it's fine beaches and cute inns from the 1800s. As a matter of fact, every cute house we saw seemed to be an inn. As far as residential neighborhoods, it is unclear where most people really live and what they are like since we were strolling around the touristy streets.

Washington Square was nice, bigger than we expected, with open shops and no cars. We bought some bread and almost bought some fudge. There were fudge shops galore! There was a Jazz Festival taking place in Cape May so along the beach there were people collecting to see the performances. We went to the grocery store and turned back to make the 2 mile walk back to the boat.

It was laundry time. We filled all bags and hands and shuffled over to the best newest facilities ever! There were three commercial sized machines waiting for our home-from-college sized laundry loads. However, there was no change machine. Hello? Um, people need quarters to feed the hungry machines or else no laundry will be done. After walking back to the boat for more rummaging we found enough moola and returned to our clothes.

After a late dinner we fell asleep wondering whether or not we liked Cape May. Although our experience there was full of trials we acknowledge it's tree lined victorian studded streets, it's active downtown and complimentary fudge samples. We give it three propellers.

Fun Facts!

In the new high tech world of navigating, one needs not rely on just a compass and charts, but can instead turn to a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite). As shown in the photograph the GPS allows one to plot courses with ease, track the vessel's speed, and estimate arrival time. Basically it tells you where to go, how off course you actually are, and where you really are. Quite handy. In addition, our GPS gives us tidal information which is great when we are wondering about shallow waters or currents. All this, and more, with just a press of a button! (GPSs can also be used on land. Think James Bond.)

Animal of the Day
The Animal of the Day today is the American Goldfinch. This bright little guy is among the most colorful birds common to the northeast. The male is yellow with black wings, tail and cap, the female yellow olive with black wings and tail. In the winter their colors dull. Their song is a light and trilly "per-chik-o-ree." Nice pick New Jersey!

Grub Report
We decided we'd be havin' burgers tonight! We broiled Acme Ground Sirloin up with some garlic, Trader Jose's Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil, onions, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, Sue Bee Clover Honey and mustard and had it with tomatoes and Shaw's Signature Dijon Mustard and Heinz Ketchup. For our veggie we had Birds Eye Whole Leaf Spinach with Diamond Chopped Walnuts and sauteed onions.
Wine Review: Robert Mondavi, Coastal, Private Selection Zinfandel, Central Coast, 2000. With a bold and subtle kick to it this wine is pleasantly fruity (not sweet appley but plumy fruity) and spicy. Nor does it coat your tongue. It also has a pretty label of a tower coming out of the clouds. Ahh! This is a 4 propeller vino.
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