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Jersey Shore? Sure!

Captain's Log

738 - Depart Hoffman's Marina with pleasant weather.
900, 1000, 1100, 1200 - Cruising the Jersey shore, each taking the helm for an hour. Quite dull to be honest. If there was anything to see, we couldn't see it because of the rain or fog.
1300 - Just before Atlantic City.
1340 - Anchored South of the Highway Bridge in good holding.

arggg me maties, I lost me last gold coin at video poker.

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Donald Trump has done so much for the Indian culture, don't you think?

Rainy Weather Hinders Positive Attitude.

Atlantic City Is So Lame.

Donald Trump - guest Editor

Getting ready to leave Hoffman's Marina a few folks had come to say goodbye. Mostly it was the guy who worked there, the two guys who were delivering the 49' brand spankin'fancy Grand Banks and our two new fishermen buddies. Without the fog of the last two days, we could actually see the other side of the inlet and we were psyched to get going.

Once we got over what a great day it was to be out, it became very boring. It was over a 6 hour run and we took turns at the wheel. The only entertainment was watching mystery birds dive into the water and the Junco that flew around the boat looking for a place to land before heading back to land.

Atlantic City was covered in fog when we came in but it's broad inlet allowed us to get in easily and anchor on our first try. It was pouring and it took all of our energy to get prepared, get into Surely, and row to shore. Drenched, we walked through the sad and depressing outskirts of a sad and depressing city. There was nothing else to draw our attention so we headed for the large and obnoxious casinos, Trump's obviously being our first choice. [That's my first choice every time too! -Ed]

We neither gained or lost money, nor did we find the "Finding Nemo" DVD we were looking for. After an hour of walking around the casino gawking, we started our wet walk back to the water when we came across a Eckerd (drug store). As a last chance for Atlantic City to come through for us we stopped in and went to the movie section. There, in all it's glory, was the new "Finding Nemo" DVD. We snatched it up, along with two Limited Edition Reese's Big Cup Peanut Butter Cups.

We got back to Slowly soaked through but fairly satisfied with our venture. Atlantic City, or at least the part we saw, is probably one of the most disheartening places either of us has ever been to. Or maybe just most boring. We give it one and a half propellers for it's easy access inlet and it's saviour, Eckerd Pharmacy.

Fun Facts!
Tim's Nokia 3650 cell phone wirelessly connects us to the internet, in case you were wondering about how we updated all these awesome web pages everyday. This service is provided by T-Mobile at a very reasonable rate of $20/month. Cruising the east coast we are always near major highways, so although T-Mobile has limited coverage we've been connected the whole trip thus far. The potential of earning an income via the internet while living a nomadic existence is somewhat revolutionary. Living on an old boat while having wireless internet highlights the value of both. We are more in touch with nature through our fingers on a keypad.

Animal of the Day
These are Brants. They are similar to Canada Geese but are smaller and are more grey than brown. As you can see in the picture, they are also 'fraidy cats unlike the Canada Geese who often have no problem approaching humans. One finds them only on the North East coast in the winter and the Tundra in the summer.

Grub Report
Tonight's dinner consisted of: Progresso Traditional Grilled Steak Soup with Pastene Penne Pasta, Fresh Rosemary and Basil. Dessert was the aforementioned Limited Edition Reese's Big Cup Peanut Butter Cup which "Packs some serious peanut butter!" They are indeed peanut buttery. We prefer the more traditional ratio of chocolate to peanut butter.
Wine review: Griswold Inn (since 1776, Fine Foods, Spirits, Lodging), Innkeeper's Private Reserve, California, Merlot. This fine Merlot is gently sweet with strong tannins and a "berry nose." What can we say, we aren't great wine critics, but we like this. We give it 4 propellers. Thanks Nana!
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