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Day Goes As Planned!

Captain's Log

arggg me maties, what's the difference between roast beef and pea soup?

Anyone can roast beef.

The Cappy says: "Click the location up in the top left corner to see a chart of our progress."

Shop Slowly

Another item in our bold and salty line of merchandise has been added! A long sleeve shirt. There's plenty more to come, so keep checking so you can purchase your most favorite Slowly design. click here.

On a walk in Brielle, N.J. we came upon an abandoned Shop-Rite.

This morning a checklist was made. At the end of the day it was practically complete! The morning was enjoyable and slow, we did some paperwork, Tim cleaned the espresso machine, and we put up our new magnetic knife rack from Zabar's.

Later, we stretched out legs with a walk through Brielle, a town apparently built up completely around sport fishing. The "downtown" was a strip of mostly empty retail buildings floating in lonely parking lots. Most of the houses we saw were actually quite nice, and the landscape lush. We can only assume that the SUV's were being driven to an out of town shopping center. This was unfortunate; we had hoped to purchase the just released "Finding Nemo" DVD, but there was nowhere within walking distance.

The most important task of the day was the engine repair. The fuel pipe arrived in the afternoon as promised. After our walk, it was time to drop down in the engine room and get to work. Both of us stared at the puzzle of injector pipes and finally managed to get the new piece to fit in after a little bending here and there. After being squeezed into the corner of the engine room for awhile we were ready to go out for a drink so we headed to the very local dive, the Sand Bar.

The conversations were only ever about boating and we enjoyed being in the middle of a sports bar surrounded by sports fishermen. All the people we met in Brielle really helped us to form a better opinion about the run down the notoriously rough Jersey coast.

Brielle, though not where either of us would choose to live, was all in all a very good place for us to stop over. We give it three and a half propellers:

Grub Report
At the happy hour at the Sand Bar in Brielle we had beer and food at great prices! A rack of BBQ ribs, buffalo chicken wings and pierogies! Those and beer for under $20! Ah, sweet Brielle!

News from the Nurse's Office...

For all those caring people wondering how Hannah's elbow is doing after the incident a few days ago, it is much better. It only hurts when pressure is put on it. Thank goodness.

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