LAT: N 38° 19.3'
LON: W 76° 27.3'
SLOW TIMES 40s, WINDS 35-40 kts gusting 50 kts
today's sunrise
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Like A Kite On A String

Arggg me maties, Yar Yar Yar Yar Yar Arrrrggg. If yer hatches ain't battened, you'll be fetchin 'em when they fly.

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Tim, anxious, wishing the wind would let up.

Blowin' In The Wind

It's Not The Answer My Friend

Now why, oh why would anyone put himself in a wooden box tied on a rope to a hunk of metal sitting in the bottom of the sea? Good question! And we don't have the answer on this very fine and windy as all hell day. Seriously, we spent the whole day sitting as straight as boards within our Slowly, flopping back and forth like a fish on a hook. There was and still is a gale today. It is loud. The banshees are howling. And every time the wind gusts to 50 kts or more it gets louder, and things fly away.

Luckily, nothing really flew away. At least nothing accounted for yet. Tim saved the forward hatch when a mighty wind blew it into the water. He fortunately saw it go, and it fortunately didn't hit the front windows, and fortunately it floats! We are fortunate people. He jumped into the dinghy and Hannah unwillingly let him go. Whoosh! Though he picked it up quickly there was a struggle to return to the boat. Hannah threw out a line with a life preserver on it but it still took awhile before he was safe and sound and pacing around again aboard Slowly.

It would be cozy and relaxing, holed up for the day, except for the pangs of anxiety that come with each quick swing of the boat around the anchor. One big question that lingers on from the earliest moments of the morning is whether the boat is dragging the anchor. We devised a nice way of using the gps so it shows an image of the trail of the boat as it swings around the anchor, drawing a big circle. Last night we were at the top of the circle, and today we've been hammering away at the bottom right corner. You can see some increases in the diameter from twice letting a little more line out. Besides adding line though, it appears that we may be slowly pulling the anchor through the mud, inch by inch. If we've held this long though, we're pretty confident that we aren't going anywhere now.

It was pretty day (at least to look at), and we did find a few ways of amusing ourselves. We just hope this wind stops her blowin' or at least lets up a bit before this gets really, really old. The forecast shows improvement towards midnight. Looks like we'll be making a selection from a wide assortment of DVD's (all three of them) and settling in to wait it out.

Grub Report
With little more to do today than eat, we are happy to have hit the grocery store yesterday. Though our nervous stomachs cant take much of a dinner tonight, we are looking to the comfort food group. Fresh hot italian sausage, Prince medium shells, Santa Sweets grape tomatoes, green pepper, garlic, and thyme.
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