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Hannah and Tim Shake Down Annapolis

Captain's Log

Arggg me maties, if aye ever lost me other sea leg, aye might come and peddle me carved wooden eggheads here.

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Amazing ducks learn to read!

Having decided to stay a day and scope Annapolis out some more, we rowed back to town and attempted to use the free wireless connection at a cafe where it was advertised. Unfortunately, things aren't all that high tech here yet and we failed to get a connection. But we were charged a lot for the lattes and slice of cake. On another note, there were even more swell strolls to be had down other streets in the historic district where plenty of old houses are being kept up.

We walked over the bridge into Eastport, which is still in Annapolis, though they apparently have formed their own republic and wandered about some more residential areas. It was just as charming and also had an outstanding array of maritime industry. So we continued to think that Annapolis has enough potential to make us want to come back again. After our walk one of our favorite moments of the day was seeing a bunch of Naval Academy boys getting delivered Chinese food. After passing their money through a tall iron fence on the far corner of the campus, we watched as they climbed up the barricade in order to lift the food over the top. We refrained from taking photographs to protect the innocent lover of General Tsao's Chicken. After that, what else could we do but come back to the boat and begin our nightly ritual of trying to finish this website, and watch Babe (which we just purchased at the Rite-Aid in Eastport).

Grub Report
In an effort to avoid spoilage we had mashed Harvest Gold Potatoes with garlic, sauteed onions, fresh rosemary and butter, as well as Progresso Roasted Chicken Rotini Soup.

Wine Review: Muga, 1999 Reserva, Rioja. This peppery red opens with a robust sense of flavor which then smooths out so that it doesn't hit you over the head or leave your mouth feeling smacky. One of our favorites so far. We give it 4.5 propellers. Thanks Bystryns!

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