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Fear Of Impending Employment Delays Arrival

Captain's Log

900 - We leave Beaufort in the bright sunlight.
1000 - In the Beaufort River, we've passed Parris Island.
1101 - Entered Skull Creek after going through Port Royal Sound.
1205 - In Calibogue Sound.
1300 - Turned into New River from Ramshorn Creek.
1400 - Wilmington River between McQueens Island and Oatland Island.
1515 - After passing Thunderbolt, in the Herb River Anchorage.

Arggg me maties, Slowly's Travels ain't no Gulliver's Travels. Writing about yer adventures'll never giv'ya a penny ta pinch.

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The landscape opens wide as we enter Georgia.

Reluctant To Finish

Crew Hangs On To Journey One More Day

The Incredible Hulk- Guest Editor

The sun shined on the frost and condensation on Slowly and made it unbearable to look out the windows. We wiped them off and took off out of Beaufort. We soon passed Parris Island and many other islands as we drifted on a good current down the Beaufort River. We passed a sizable flock of Pelicans on the shore, and took pictures, still not quite used to seeing so many of this odd bird.

Passing Hilton Head, SC, we saw some pretty silly houses, some even had their own private boat entrance with closed gates and all. We also passed an island that was for sale. Our favorite part of the island was a massive tree which had fallen on the beach.

The marshes around us appeared to stretch out for quite a distance. Before long, we were seeing Savannah in the distance. We wound around between various rivers, crossed the Savannah River, and kept going. To actually get to Sannah's downtown via the water we would have turned and gone up the Savannah river and called ahead to be able to stay at the free dock there. Otherwise the marinas in the area are a little ways a way. Over the grasses, we could see a big container ship heading into the city and some tanks seemed to grow right from the marsh. [Raaaaaaaaaaaa! -Ed]

We went up to the flybridge to enjoy the sun and warmer weather. Thinking of the two feet of snow in Boston, we were glad that Slowly was safe from that, and that we had no need to shovel the decks! Meanwhile, the falling tide pulled us quickly towards the Isle of Hope, our destination. We had left expecting to make the trip in two days, but we were going on make it easily in one. As we closed in, we realized we just weren't ready yet to be finished. Passing Thunderbolt, GA we pulled in to Herb RIver and set our anchor down for one more night out, about 5 miles from Isle of Hope. Hannah made some chocolate chip cookies, and we tried to catch up on the website.

As the sun set, the moon rose and it was a beautiful still night. There were moments along the way that we had looked forward to getting back to land, but when it really came down to it, we love being out on water, and will miss those peaceful anchorages, and warm days cruising from the flybridge. We'll just have to make some weekend trips out to secluded islands so that we don't have serious withdrawal.

Fun Facts!
We've gotten some inquiry, from readers who don't already know us, as to who these two trouble makers are. In response, we have dedicated the last two fun facts to interviews. In the first, Tim will interview Hannah:

I meet Hannah Carlson in the salon for our informal meeting. She is cutting garlic into even slices for her Ravioli lunch.
T: Hi Hannah.
H: Hello Tim.
T: Looks Yummy, where'd you learn to handle a garlic like that?
H: Where do you think? At Emma's Pizza (40 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 617-864-8534) where we met!
T: Oh yes, I recall many hours spent with you and garlic.
H: Ain't it special.
T: Yes, quite. So our readers would like to know more about you and just what makes you tick. So lets get down to business. How old are you?
H: Just about to be 23.
T: Really? A birthday coming up?
H: Yes, two days before christmas.
T: Excellent. I'll have to make a mental note of that. And where are you from?
H: Cambridge, Massachusetts, right across the Charles from Beantown.
T: Do you have any hobbies?
H: I like to take pictures, and talk about practicing my Italian. I am a movie buff, and I like to read books, and think creative thoughts.
T: Wow. Sounds like you are some kind of Renaissance woman.
H: I also like growing plants and caring for and watching animals.
T: Touching. So this was quite an undertaking going on this journey, what kind of boating experience have you had in the past?
H: A long time ago in my teen years, I sailed some Sunfish at camp. Also, I enjoy canoeing and kayaking, and I even rowed crew for two quarters in High School. Besides ferries, I've also been on a motor boat twice.
T: So you didn't really know what to expect on this trip?
H: Well, we had cruised around Boston and I felt comfortable on the boat and always have on the water. We also took it slow (har har) and did a lot of researching and asked a lot of questions. And I'm a good guesser.
T: Well it seems you have made it unscathed. I'm glad for that.
H: Me too. Can I eat my Ravioli now?
T: Yes, of course. Thank you for your time.
H: Thanks for having me.

Animal of the Day

An Osprey, Pandion haliaetus, was perched on a marker feasting on a freshly caught morsel as we passed by today. These birds are fairly common on the coast, but are rare inland. There are conservation programs that have helped stop the decline of the species. They are dark brown above and white below. They have a feet first plunge they make when fishing. After catching a fish they align it head first so that it is the most aerodynamic when they fly.

Grub Report
On board we had Rosina Celentano Round Cheese Ravioli, with an eccentric sauce of Green Giant Sweet Peas, sauteed yellow onions, ginger, and a splash of Otafuku Rice Vinegar. Dessert was homemade Nestle Chocolate Chip cookies, freshly baked!

Wine Review: Rosemount Estate, Shiraz, Australia, 2002. This shiraz lacked the body that other shirazes have and was a little flat and tart, but still a pleasurable drink. We give it three propellers.

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