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Refuge Found in Charleston Eateries

Arggg me maties, Ay'll 'ave a captain's cappucino with plenty o' sea foam and salt.

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A wet day on King Street in downtown Charleston.

We woke up with the boat bobbing around on swells. The cold front had arrived, and it was the kind of wet day cozy fires on the land were meant for. With neither fire nor land in hand, we abandoned ship and made for shore in short order. It was another chance to be grateful to Tevake for letting us borrow the outboard and inflatable.

We found yet another charming route into town that featured more incredible homes and gardens. The rain was coming down pretty good, so we went into the hotel downtown to use the facilities and dry a bit while we meandered through the shops. After, we went in for an early lunch at Andolini's Pizza. This place is another big score for Charleston. They serve excellent pie in a funky setting. We hung out there for a while watching the rain outside through the tall windows at our booth. When we were finished, we headed north up King Street to our new favorite (and Charleston's only?) coffee joint, Kool Beanz. There we sat on a big couch for hours, sipping our drinks, eating a huge muffin, working on the website, and watching a few folks come in and out. As the sun was setting, we got a call from Bethany and Perry letting us in on their coordinates. They were at Big John's bar where there was apparently cheap food.

We toodled off towards their location to find them at a dark dive where bras and flags hung over our heads. There were good prices but not so good food, and since the atmosphere left some things to be desired we realized it was time to go to the grocery store for provisions. We went to Harris Teeter and loaded our cart not really paying attention to the fact that there were quite a few blocks to cover before we arrived at the marina. Tim strapped a few bags to his backpack belt strap and we filled other bags and pockets and set out.

It was another lovely 45 minute stroll home besides the heavy loads. We all went back to the City Marina and the Tevake crew towed us to Slowly in their inflatable as we sat munching on Crunchy Cheetos in Surely. It was a long pull in the current but quite mellow and relaxing. We all hung out and warmed up aboard Slowly but made an early night of it since we were going to be leaving Charleston in the morning.

Charleston proved itself to be a city that was pretty and charming as well as fun with a variety of things to do. There also seems to be potential for real estate and entrepreneurial ventures which we appreciate. We give it four and a half propellers.

Grub Report
Crunchy Cheetos. And a little later we had dill rolls from Harris Teeter with Land O' Lakes Sweet Cream Salted Butter and Boar's Head Hot Sausage.

Wine Review: Merlot, Vin de Pays d'Oc, Selection Delas, 2002. This was a very good merlot. Rich and smooth with a pleasurable complexity. We give it four and a half propellers.

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