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SLOW TIMES summer lovin'
in new sunglasses
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A Little Moor of Annapolis

Slowly For Sale

It's hard to say goodbye, but we know she will give a new owner a place to live or cruise, pride and projects!
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Fun Facts

The city dock in Annapolis is now known as "Ego Alley" for the boats that parade up the narrow canal and parallel park in one of the small spaces for all to see. It used to be the 18th century gateway into town. Now people grab a spot in the dead end waterway and have dinner dockside, or just hang out and beam with pride as the locals and tourists admire and gawk at their vessel.

Arggg... Aye love me Slowly apron.

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Slowly looking smart at a mooring.

Boat Power!

Preppies Unite!

Taking our time once again, we left Solomon's Island in the late morning and took off on the quiet Sunday morning. The wind wasn't as strong, and the waves not as tall today and we managed to have some relaxing time, time enough to strike poses. It is more interesting cruising on the Chesapeake as you go further up because the bay is narrower and there is a view of the shores. It was another day out when we were glad for our luck with the weather.

Coming into Annapolis we could see the vast number of boats swarming around the harbor entrance. This is a high traffic area, much more so than on Solomon's Island. There are wooden harbor tour boats, cute tug-like boats, huge go-fast boats, house boats and multi-masted sailboats. The best part is that the mooring balls are very easy to pick up. The mooring field is packed to the brim with boats (does everyone here own a boat?) and it is an easy shuttle over to the mainland.

Arriving in Annapolis, a big city with many fancy boats, we felt a strong need to keep doing work on Slowly. It is very difficult to do any cleaning or touch-up painting when you are in a busy harbor though and our efforts did not last long. We did manage to get a new name on Slowly's stern though. It isn't much and doesn't even say we're from Boston but we do not have the time or the money to make a professional name plate just now. One of these days we'll pick a font and paint Slowly above the teak on the transom.

After thinking about all the work we still have to do, we got dressed and got a water taxi to shore. Ego Alley was packed with boats and tourists. Hannah found some new sunglasses that make her look like Harry Potter and we talked about the difference of visiting places in August vs. November.

Then we met up with our cruising friends Chuck and Andrea. They now live in Annapolis and sell the same kind of boat that they lived on for three years: the Selene. It was great to see them and exchange stories of what we've been doing for the past 18 months. They introduced us to a couple of their favorite stops downtown. It is always nice to talk to other boaters. They could be empathetic of our tales of mildew and being on the hard. And we were in awe of their intelligence and luck in deciding when they bought their boat that they would only be cruising for a certain amount of time. They also found an amazing buyer at the end of their time cruising. This is our first experience buying or selling something of Slowly's size and meaning so it has been a trying time figuring out how to feel about it.

We had a great time that evening catching up and eating pizza. Afterwards we hopped back on the water taxi and soon arrived back on Slowly. We were pretty wiped out so the slight rocking in the mooring field didn't bother us as we fell asleep.

Animal of the Day

Schools of fish, in particular, Menhaden, Brevoortia tyrannus, being attacked by Bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix, left overs eaten by Weakfish, Cynoscion regali, and the large Striped Bass, Morone saxatilis. While cruising we happened upon many schools of fish that we believe were driven to the surface while under attack. Though we are not certain, they may have been Menhaden. From a distance it looked like heavy rain was falling on the water in a particular spot. Up close, if the light hit the water just so, we could see the silver sides of the fish moving as one while a larger shiny object darted around. The Chesapeake is a nursery for juvenile Menhaden which are valuable for their oil, protein meal, and solubles which are usually turned into feed for other animals that humans eat. Click here for a cool article about them.

Grub Report

Tonight we dined at Mangia Italian Grille and Sports Cafe which is right at the end of Ego Alley on Main St. We had a very satisfying pepperoni and mushroom pizza and a pitcher of Yuengling! Comfort food for a comfortable evening with good friends.

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