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 Thursday, October 23, 2003tomorrow ->

Thus Begins the Shoving Off

Captain's Log

1500 - After final preparations, we left our slip and home port, Boston Harbor Shipyard & Marina and made a short jaunt to the fuel dock for a drink of diesel for Slowly and taste of gas for Genny (our 2kw Honda generator).
1530 - Actualized departure from Boston proper, we wave goodbye to our home town (go sox! we still love you).
1600 - Making 7.4 knots in an incoming tide out towards the harbor islands. It will be a short cruise today.
1650 - Set anchor in the lee of Peddock's island and fired up Genny to hunker down with our 900 watt radiant heater.

arggg me maties. it'll be hot time on the cold sea tonight.

The powers that be send a sign.

Moonstruck or What?!

Kids These Days...

Cher - guest writer
Peddock's Island via Satellite

Although I never thought these two misfits would gather the courage to finally untie their lines from slip F3 and set forth on a journey of questionable enigma, they did so today after last minute errands, and near constant cry of "We are leaving in an hour!"

I was given the opportunity to interview Hannah Carlson and Tim Hirzel via live satellite uplink this evening. Unfortunately, I ran into technical difficulties. As they were just toasting their first night out on their quest for warmth, a large tug boat swept past leaving a monstrous wake and thus made for airborn cuisine. Luckily, Tim reported the red wine stains to be minimal, and the soup still in the bowl. Naturally, after this near miss, the couple was too busy clutching their goblets and spoons to operate the satellite receiver. Reports from a boisterous tug boat driver indicate the vessel Slowly is safely at anchor east of Peddock's island and the crew happy and stable, anticipating an exciting first day into uncharted waters.

Fun Facts!
Slowly currently holds 170 gallons of diesel. Today, she took on 70.7 gallons of diesel to top her tank off. After a small leak repair, she will hold an additional 170 gallons, for a total of 340 gallons of diesel, enough to run 68 hours, or about 600 nautical miles! (1 nautical mile = 1.15 statute miles)

Animal of the Day
The Cormorant -
Cormorants are common and widespread sea birds that seem to adorn every buoy. Only ever seen momentarily, Cormorants dive from the surface for fish. These dark, shiny, long necked birds are often seen with wings spread to dry, a seemingly foreboding symbol...(at least in Hannah's eyes. Tim thinks it is inviting. Watch him get his eyes pecked out with their hooked bills!)

Grub Report
Dinner- Being prematurely peckish today we dined at 1730 on Progresso Beef Barley Soup and cheesy mini bagels. A tasty meal but one that did not quite satiate our pirate sized appetites. Tim, therefore, is concocting a second course as this is being written. Who knows what darkness lurks in his cold pasta salad? The Shadow knows....

Wine Review- McGuigan, The Black Label, 2001, Shiraz. Zingy, smelly, tongue tickling and strong with "fine integrated tannins".

Rating: 3.5 Propellers