LAT: N 41° 16.1'
LON: W 72° 20.4'
SLOW TIMES 50's rain, Thunderstorms. winds 20 - 30 kts
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Bad Weather Halts Trip, Surely Not The Last Time We'll Go Slowly.

Captain's Log

arggg me maties, tis a sad tale, of a not so salty cap'n.

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The damage on the swim platform.

It's 30 Knots, Do You Know If Your Child is Properly Tied Down?

Rough Weather Delivers a Beating

Unexpectedly, this morning brought minor tragedy to the boat. The high winds coming in from the south battered the marina where Slowly slept, and when we returned in the morning, her aft starboard corner and swim platform suffered damage. Tim first cried and then shouted expletives into the deaf ears of the wind. He felt like a negligent parent, having assumed that the forward spring line was tight enough. Ug, it was a lesson learned the hard way, spelled out in splinters. Hannah put a raincoat on Tim, and attempted to present the brighter side of things. Together, they doubled up the lines, and made sure there would be no more trouble. Once the emotions subsided, we are thankful that it was only the swim platform, repairable with our own hands.

It was a difficult reminder of how easily our trip could be terminated. There are few serious problems that we can afford to fix. Never the less, who can complain to the face of education and adventure. Fenders bent, we will continue tomorrow, excited to cash in our new karmic rebate.

At least we resisted the inspiration provided by all the fall fundraisers we've been getting on public radio. "For the price of a single cup coffee every day, you could get your name carved in a brand new swim platform for this humble boat."

Over and Out.

Fun Facts!
Today Hannah and Tim will go watch "School of Rock" starring Jack Black!

Grub Report
Pizza, beer and a tall glass of guilt. Sorry Slowly.
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