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Another Day, Another Wake

Captain's Log

645 - We leave the Saybrook Marina behind and take off into the sunrise and into some choppy meeting of the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound.
906 - Passing Falkner Island. The seas are still fairly bumpy for the wind is a blowin'(15-20 knots). We get used to hanging on and can't help swinging to the swing music on the radio.
1102 - Just past New Haven and West Haven...
1201 - Outside of Bridgeport, we pick up an extra knot of speed from the tides and run past a seemingly factory filled town.
1409 - Checking out Sheffield Harbor which looks lovely, we pass by a few fishing party boats where everyone is lined up with their dropped lines.
1430 - Outside of Stamford Harbor, we can see New York City on the horizon and we can see some huge houses as we enter in.
1500 - We have gone up the canal and filled our diesel tank and are settled in at Harbor Square Marina. It is a beautiful afternoon.

arggg me maties, we be rollin' with the luxury homesies.

The Cappy says: "Click here to see a chart of our progress."

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A Day in the Sound, in Four Parts.

Vinny's Marina

A Clammy Welcome

Oscar the Grouch - guest Editor

Coming up through Stamford Harbor at a nice slow pace, we had fine weather and picturesque environs to admire. We skimmed on through the east canal that took us past many a fancy pants marina, full of attractive boats, like Slowly, and dropped us off at the end, by the old scrap metal and gravel yards. A fuel dock of intertwined gas and diesel hoses awaited our arrival. After choosing the correct one (Tim sniffed the correct nozzle to confirm that great diesel aroma that he knows so well) we filled our tank while observing the other boaters pick their hose and lose their patience.

Vinny finally came out and fixed everything while yelling a lot about the unhelpful help and gave us a discount for docking there since we bought our diesel at his teensy weensy marina. Robert, a neighborly clam digger parked next to us and came by to borrow a screwdriver, offering us a basket of clams. Nice guy! We soon had company, Hannah's uncle Doug boarded Slowly after seeing another Grand Banks even farther down the canal which he feared for a moment might be ours since he knew she was a "fixer upper." [Hey! That's one beeeeeautiful boat! Now scram! -Ed.]

We took a ride over to Doug's house and were treated to pizza, beer and tours of great collections of marbles and nips (baby booze bottles). It was a relaxing treat to hang out with Uncle Doug and Cousin Laura. Later we visited with Hannah's old college buds Mia and Mark. They kindly escorted us to a Super Stop & Shop where Tim stocked up on motion meds. Afterwards, we showed off the boat once more, said goodbye and feel asleep before our heads hit the pillow. (Actually Tim had been asleep since the pizza and beer.)

We only saw Stamford in the dark, besides the easy ride in. Stamford by the water gets good points though we wonder how much of the water the residents who aren't worth a million see. It's got a city-like mix of people in a smallish amount of space. However, we feel we would need to see more to make an appropriate rating.

Fun Facts!
One thing that we failed to mention in the Special Edition is Slowly's heritage. She is a 36' Grand Banks Classic from 1973. Grand Banks made this specific boat between '68 and '73. After that date they switched over to fiber glass boats. (Slowly came with a plaque that reads: "If God meant us to build fibre-glass boats, He would have grown fibre-glass trees".) So Slowly is one of the last "Woodies" they made. She is number 326 out of about 365. There are a variety of Grand Banks Woodies including a 32', 42' and a few larger ones. Much like a classic car these boats are increasingly becoming sought after rarities.

Animal of the Day

Mute Swans, Cygnus olor, greeted us as we came into the Stamford canal. The seemed quite friendly although they did not speak to us. These swans are well established on the New England coast and increasingly found elsewhere, though they come orginally from Europe. These swans brought us both old memories. For Tim it was riding on the Swan Boats in the Boston Gardens. For Hannah it was being read "The Trumpeter Swan".

Grub Report
Pizza and beer. And Kinder Eggs!
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