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SLOW TIMES not yet tired,
of persistent sunshine
today's sunrise
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Headin' Slow to the Beau(fort)

Arggg me maties, aye left me log book on the boat.

Grub Report

In one of our favorite towns to stop in, we went in for dinner to find a lovely restaurant called Beaufort Grocery Co.. It is a little more pricey than our usual fare but we shared some appetizers and all was well. On Sunday night we knew we were going to have limited options but this place would be a good choice no matter what. We sat at the bar behind the charming dining room and chatted with the bartender. We ate Seafood burros filled with shrimp, scallops and other burrito-like goodness, and Saganaki which is Kasseri cheese flaming with Brandy. We ate the latter with their delicious salty and herby bread.

For drinks Tim had another Beefeater Martini with olives and Hannah had Flying Dog's In Heat Wheat Brew.

Arggg... Aye love me Slowly apron.

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glassy conditions and great weather for Slowly

North Carolina Town Remains Slice of Heaven

Now featuring cafe with wireless internet!*

Wild Ponies - Guest Editor

Mornings are the coldest part of the day, and leaving the warmth of bed to face either lifting an anchor or going into the engine room is a heroic challenge. Though each day we are able to get up and get those engines going enough to heat the boat up. This morning we were rewarded with a peaceful sunrise view which helped to get us under way.

This cruising day featured an 8 o'clock appointment with a swing bridge followed by passing through a military test zone complete with a battle station, lookout tower and authentic battle action vehicles. We nearly missed our second swing bridge but made it okay. Being Sunday, folks were out enjoying the day. On the shore were some old favorites, sites we may have missed on our first trip, and some holiday goodness. There have been numerous dolphins though they seem a bit larger and more timid than last year. We had a pleasant cruise. Hannah even started doing yoga underway to counteract her tendency toward becoming pure pirate.

Approaching Beaufort, there was lots of activity and we had a nostalgic moment for the beloved tug Nauset in Boston. Soon, we had found a nice spot toanchor and looked around at our neighbors. [Neighhhhhh! -Ed.] Speaking of neighbors, we had a funny cruising moment when we realized we were next to a couple that had been next door to us in our slip in Charleston! What a small world. It was fun to hear about their adventures.

We finally had a reason to break out Surely. It was dark when we headed to shore, but as Beaufort veterans, we chose a close spot to the dinghy dock and were quickly walking to dinner! Being in Surely again was great cause we both love rowing to get somewhere. Like a bicycle, its quick and quiet, plus you get so close the water. It's just another part of cruising that gives you a peaceful feeling.

*The wireless internet can be found at the Taylor Creek Cafe on the main street downtown. We have been here for 5 hours. They are awesome.

Fun Fotos!

Click on any photo to see it big!

Fellow floaters...

check out the lights on the bow!

a real working trawler!

wow. pretty in pink.

a wee sailboat close to our anchorage.

check out the mini replica in the background.

Animal of the Day

The Barred Owl, Strix varia, is Hannah's friend. It is a medium-sized owl with brown, grey and white markings. It has very dark brown eyes that can look a bit sinister that others more brightly colored. It isn't very heavy to hold and, if domesticated, seems to like when you rub inbetween his eyes. His claim to fame is his culinary call "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?"

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