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Blackbeard's White Picket Fence

Arggg me maties, aye had a black beard once.

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Blackbeard's "Hammock House".

A serene morning, we woke and worked on the site for awhile so when we went in to town we could upload some issues. We took our time and before we had left the boat Tevake came by to bid us a good day as they were leaving to get to Charlestown by next weekend. Afterwards we finished up and hopped into Surely. The current was in our favor and we chose to drift to the town dinghy dock. The weekend was over and it was a slow Monday morning for a somewhat touristy downtown but it was still beautiful weather and we found the public library with ease.

Of course, uploading the site did not come easy and Tim had to run a mile to a CVS to find blank discs so we could use the library computers. After that everything fit into place and we were thankful to leave and go eat lunch. We had stopped by a pool hall/bar food place before, which Perry and Bethany had told us about, and we were eager for their $1.75 cheeseburgers. We had two of those and split a mixed appetizer plate with a couple mozzarella sticks, poppers, wings and fried mushrooms. With two Yeunglings our lunch cost $11. Yup.

We then headed over to the museum to make reservations for the free van for boaters that we can drive to get groceries tomorrow. This is the first time for both of us that we have been able to partake in any type of courtesy car. We walked around the museum which had done an excellent job with all of their displays, especially in such a small space. We learned a bit about the poisonous North Carolina snakes, and that the Menhaden ships are large fishing boats that fill huge nets which the crew then pulls on board, and also about how they have apparently found Blackbeard's sucken ship which they are collecting the artifacts from. (Though they seem to be keeping the pirate's treasure to themselves.)

We decided we'd continue our education and so for the sunset we walked over to where Blackbeard's house was. While the sky was still lit we saw many birds pass overhead to go to a resting stop for the night. Blackbeard's is the oldest house in Beaufort, built in the early 1700s, and has been linked to a few pirates, the famous Blackbeard being one. It is called "Hammock House". Quite a charming house for a pirate. Actually, most of the houses in Beaufort are lovely. Many are old and many have been kept up and rennovated. Most of them are white, though we did find an occasional color here and there.

We looped back into the downtown and stopped in at Clawson's for a couple of Irish coffees that hit the spot. Feeling a bit tired we got back in the dinghy and rode the current, which had changed direction, back to Slowly. We finished up the night as we often do, with a little food and a little movie watching.

Beaufort gets four propellers for it's all-over historic charm and for it's cheap eats (not to mention the dolphins and the "wild" horses we hope to see tomorrow).

Grub Report
After a late lunch of burgers and fried goodness, we chose lighter fare aboard. Pastene enriched macaroni product (in long twisted shapes), nature's finest grade A large brown eggs, land-o-lakes sweet cream salted butter, fresh thyme and basil, and salt and pepper.

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