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Bahamas Bound Sailors Surround Us

Arggg me maties, aye've won ferst place at the conch shell eatin' contest in the Bahamas fer 50 years now.

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They'll open up a big can of hospitality for you here in Elizabeth City.

We stayed in Elizabeth City today to do errands and because weather is coming tomorrow and we knew we couldn't get any where that was more sheltered. So we spent a chunk of the day trying to work on the website and find some internet access. The public library kind of helped although we were scolded by one of the librarians for hooking up our laptop with their computers. We were then watched for awhile and after a bit were told our time was up even though there were no signs about time limits. She kicked other people off too though. We felt bad that libraries are now like free internet cafes. We also sympathized for a moment when the middle school kids arrived. We've never seen so many music videos playing at once. But it was fun to see. And we'll be venturing back there today to try and sweet talk our way into posting some issues online.

We then stopped into a local bakery for some grilled cheese. When we returned to the boat we found out that we were late for a "Rose Buddies" wine and cheese party. They have them whenever there are five or more boats parked here. They've been doing it since 1983 and even have a big yellow golf cart with a rose on it that was donated to them by Willard Scott the NBC Weatherman. It was nice to be able to meet up with all the boaters at once. We were the only stinkpot (power boat) in the bunch.

Hannah borrowed some eggs from a restaurant nearby and made chocolate chip cookies to bring to our friends on Tevake who were making dinner for the four of us. Dinner on Tevake was fun, hunkered down below in the sailboat, watching nautical movies including a documentary with the only footage of one of the last square riggers rounding cape horn in 1929. We also learned that Gosling Rum is the real drink for salty sailors. Unlike true salty sailors (or perhaps just like them), we fell asleep before we managed to drink much of it. If you are making plans to "round the horn," you'll have to knock us over the heads to get us on your ship.

Grub Report
Dinner was a Tevake staple (their version of Slowly's egg noodles and sausage): yellow rice and black beans ala Goya with sauteed onion and red pepper. We washed it all down with juicy juice and a taste of Gosling rum. Dessert was Hannah's batch of chocolate chip cookies baked to perfection on Slowly. It was all very filling and satisfying.

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