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Slowly Taking On a New Adventure

Arggg me maties, 'tis time to lub the land fer a spell.

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Farewell for now!

We woke up in Savannah. Still here, at our destination. So we putzed around on the boat and worked on the site and then met up with Perry and Bethany and ran towards the bus stop. Catching the bus is always hard even when you prepare for it two hours beforehand. It was nice to see our surroundings in daylight. The trees here are amazing and the air is sweet. If only it wasn't a 40 minute bus ride into town.

We bumped and slid around the back of the bus trying to figure out where we were in the grand scheme of Savannah. Luckily Perry had been here before and led the way in choosing when we pulled the cord to get off the bus. We were in the historic district, just a block from Wright Square. Savannah has many pretty squares that were integral in the famous Oglethorpe urban plan.

We immediately started making friends and enjoying the sunny day. Everyone was kind and helpful: the guy at the gift shop, the hot dog man, the gal at the gallery, etc. We enjoyed the charming buildings and the level of downtown bustle and business. There were some great looking theatres with old marquis, some beautiful historic buildings, and some hidden treats. The Savannah College of Art and Design had obviously done it's fair share of downtown revitalizing and most things were kept up very well. While others, that were still very lovely, could do with some TLC. One could tell there were borders to the historic district and that the neighborhoods changed quickly, but generally there seems to be a good mix of activity and class all around the city.

The waterfront was interesting because it was on a level much lower that the city. There were little bridges that linked the second level of shops together and to get down to the water we had to walk down steep steps onto old cobblestone. The views were not to die for since the water is almost exclusively industrial. There were a bunch of bars and restaurants and touristy kinds of places on the Savannah side. The other side on Hutchinson Island had the Westin Hotel and some factories.

To take in our options, the Slowly and Tevake crews tried out O'Connell's Pub, the Moon River Brew Pub, and the Fiddler Crab. O'Connell's and the Fiddler Crab were tucked into smaller spots with lower ceilings and local charm. The Brew Pub, with a brewery too, was in a large building they are apparently having trouble affording now. We all had to hurry to make the last 8:20 bus back to Isle of Hope. Once home, we all sat around on Slowly for a bit and turned in before long like good little salts.

In Conclusion...
It's tough to not be cruising. Tough mostly because we now have to figure out what we are doing with ourselves. Trying to make do in a foreign town is quite exciting but the mix of a schedule and an adventure every day that is an intricate part of cruising was something we gladly got used to. This will not be the last time we take a trip aboard Slowly. We might be back aboard her after the holidays in Boston, taking her north back up to Charleston. But for now we will take on a new set of decisions, filled with figuring out how we can find work we love somewhere in this area. It's a new level of challenge.

Unfortunately, Georgia has a stupid law against living aboard a boat. We weren't sure whether it would be enforced much, but it is. This complicates (if not terminates) our stay here which is unfortunate, because we have already met some great folks, and there is a lot of art and creative stuff going on here. It is tempting to make it work, but likely beyond our financial means.

Be sure to check back occasionally because we do hope to have updates of Slowly maintenance and will be sure to let everyone know when we travel aboard again. Epilogues are inevitable. Here are some random bits of information we wanted to say just to sum things up: We went 1228.7 nautical miles (according to the GPS and Hannah's addition), and guzzled around 550 gallons of fuel (which is a little over 2 miles per gallon). As far as the herb garden goes, the thyme and rosemary were really the only two we would say "lasted." Though the tomatoes and sweet potatoes are still green, they haven't looked happy in some time, and the basil is a great but delicate bit of green to keep on board.

Lastly, we want to thank all of our readers. Hearing from you and knowing you are enjoying the site has been a huge help both for the site and our trip. The goal of the site was to share this adventure, it has been really fun. We also hope to catch up on our e-mail soon, thanks for the feedback! We hope to cruise into you at some port in the future. Until next time...

Grub Report
At the Moon River Brewery we had onion rings and cheese grits which were both good, as were the Moon River IPA and porter. At the Fiddler Crab on the water we had 25 cent raw oysters which were okay (though apparently from Texas).

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