SLOW TIMES 60's cloudy and rainy. Chance of Thunderstorms
winds 25, gusts of 40 kts
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Special Edition

Captain's Log

Today we did some projects: cleaned up the boat, installed ship's power to the GPS unit, and made a sign with Slowly's name and hailing port.

arggg me maties, a game of scrabble will cure yer cabin fever...

The Cappy says: "Click here to see a chart of our progress."

Here is an up close shot of some kitchen storage space.

The starboard side of the salon. Also, the dining room.

The forward head, which is to the right when one is in the v-berth. This head's pipes go right out of the boat!

The aft head, which is found to the left when you go down the stairs towards the stern of the boat. This head has a holding tank and a shower.

This is the master bed in the master bedroom. There are also a couple of book shelves (those orange straps are real not just for affect!) To the left of this picture is the aft head.

The front of the ole girl. Ain't she a beaut?

A close up of Surely, the Dyre Midget dinghy. She takes us to and from Slowly when we're at moorings.

Shop Slowly

The debut of the first item in our line of Slowly merchandise! This one-of-a-kind trucker hat will surely turn heads when you pull into truck stops on your own slow journeys. More exciting items are on the way. Keep tabs at click here

Since Cuttyhunk suits our fancy, we figured why not stay here for a few days? Worry not about time, and live up to the Slow name. Okay, so after yesterday (too scary), we are waiting for better seas, but we are enjoying Cuttyhunk either way. So here we are and here is a bigger and better view of our vessel for all of you out there who have yet to see her fair face...

Did we mention that the grand tour will be coming tomorrow? There is either an outbreak of mono on the ship, or we are quickly getting the sleeping schedules of our parents. It's 20:00 and we are falling asleep trying to write this. Must be the time change...that means it should feel like 21:00. Definitely past bed time.

We really just want to make you wait and yearn. We are like Krispy Kreme Donuts-- A line around the block. See you tomorrow!

And now, it is tomorrow! How quickly the new day comes! We were planning on finishing up the special edition this morning in Cuttyhunk but tides changed, the bad weather moved on and we have had a lovely day of cruising thus far. However, as we promised, here is the tour of our humble abode:

This is our charmingly petite kitchenette. Up on the left is a cabinet and toaster oven, with some oils and other knick knacks. Down on the left is our ice box, a camouflaged and deceiving large refrigerator. Moving right is the sink and under the sink area, and our mini stove that cooks and bakes just as much food as your run of the mill stove at home. To the far right you can see a bit of our china and linens storage and above that there is the homemade glass rack. So chic!

Our tool shed, if you will, is on the starboard side of the v-berth, down the stairs next to the wheel, in the bow of the boat. When not overwhelmed with tools the v-berth holds two thin long beds and makes for a lovely guest bedroom, skylight included!

This pictures is important for these babies are the twin Ford Lehman diesel engines. These are what make us go. Together, they 240 horses ride within them. They reside under the floor in the main room, in front of the wheel, along with the rest of the stuff in the engine room (pumps, diesel tanks, batteries, hot water heater, etc.)

The smaller bed in the master bedroom. (We would have beds coming out our ears if the two in the v-berth were usable right now!) You can see the dresser and some of the other more obvious storage space here, as well as the back door which is above the dresser.

Here is an up close of the anchor that hangs off rollers in the "pulpit" of the bow. It's a 35 lb. CQR, with 20 ft. of chain. Yes, she's a heavy one. In the background you can see one of our stowed Danforth's.

This is the flybridge. This is where we drive on warm cruising days and where we have cocktail hour on warm sitting around days. It's looking a little weather worn now, but it's a prime location on the boat for both navigating and enjoying the view.

Grub Report
For Dinner, we ate Near East Pilaf with Garlic and Wild Mushroom, more sauteed Onions and Red Peppers, and Shaw's Hot Italian Sausage. And the to top it off Homemade chocolate chip cookies!!

Ah! The espresso machine. This fine machine is located opposite the kitchen, next to the front door. We roast and grind our Sweet Maria's beans pretty regularly and usually take our daily latte in the morning.

The port side of our salon. Note the hanging hammock of veggies and breads!

This is a shot looking to the front of the boat. The front door is on the right. There is the wheel with which we drive the boat and the electronics that help us to navigate are hanging above. They include (from left to right) the radio, the depth sounder and the radar. To the right of the wheel are our water jugs for drinking water. Above the wheel are two sets of levers. The right hand ones are the shifts (two for the two engines), and the left hand ones are the throttles. To the left of those is the GPS and behind them is the compass. Whew!

This good sized closet is across from the aft head, at the head of the smaller master bedroom bed. This is also our office area. That is a new printer from Costco on top. Below, by the pillow, is one of our heaters. The Radiant electric heater, to be exact.

With a view of the backside of the boat you can see where the back door is, covered up with canvas. The stairs are to get up to the flybridge. You can also see her wee mast and boom.

The second wheel, on the flybridge. Almost all of the equipment for driving is also found outside and up top. The only things lacking are the radar and the depth sounder (because the one up there is screwy).
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