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SLOW TIMES a backing breeze
and swell seas
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Luck of the Draw

Slowly For Sale

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Wheeeere's Slowly?!

Salty Sailors or Fortunate Fools

The Weather and Waves Stay On Our Side

Todays plan was to make a short jump to Atlantic city in order to clip off the first part of the trip up the Jersey coast to NYC. The winds are supposed to move from the NE around to the S tomorrow, so it will let the bulk of the cruising be on a fair winds day. Over night the anchorage had grown as a few more little sailboats snuggled in. Our attractive neighbor looked just as good in the morning as we headed past it and out of the harbor.

After a relaxed breakfast, we headed out as work started in the harbor. We set out into the big blue, hoping for the best, and were very pleased to find the sea state comfortable. The Jersey coast started to unfold on our port side. The day passed quickly as we watched fleets of fishermen and beach communities go by. It was just after lunch when started to get views of the meek cousin to Vegas. Atlantic City was much more active than when we were last there. Visibly filled beaches and casinos spread across the shore and as we turned into the Absecon Channel we were happy to see they are using wind power in the area.

After finding a good anchor spot, it was early enough to have another swim. The current was moving quickly as Tim jumped in with a safety line so he wouldn't get swept away. In need of some drinking water and entertainment, we dropped the dinghy and made a sortie from the mother ship. We decided to try our luck with the same landing spot we used last time. We pulled little Surely up and ventured onto shore. We decided to skip the casino area and made a short loop to a nice park and the grocery store. We also decided to visit the restaurant above our landing dock and enjoyed a snack and drink, and of course the views of Slowly between the umbrellas.

Ready for a long day ahead, we headed back around sunset to catch a full moon rising. It was perhaps our last night out at anchor in a long time. Our tired minds were filled with a blend of sadness, excitement and exhaustion as we anticipated arriving in New York City the next day.

Fun Facts

During our tiny exploration of Atlantic city, we saw a commerical fishing dock right next to where we landed. It turns out Atlantic City hosts a specialized fishing fleet for Surf Clams and Ocean Quahogs. The boats have massive hydraulic dredges mounted on their backs. It turns out the fishermen provide most of the world's minced clams and clam strips. No processing plants are in Atlantic City though. The truck we saw getting loaded was headed to either Southern New Jersey or the Delmarva Peninsula where the clams get chopped up.

Grub Report

Tonights small dinner was at the Flying Cloud restaurant and bar. We enjoyed a couple of beers, spinach and crab dip, and some jumbo shrimp. The two apps we tasted were okay. The portions were on the small side though so we snacked on some pretzel sticks back on the boat. There was a great jazz band though, which we continued to enjoy well into the evening after returning to our anchor spot.

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